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Where every day is like a holiday

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Let there be a celebration!

Undeniably, holidays exist to be celebrated, and Svētku pils is made for celebrations! We have taken care of the environment for birthday parties, corporate events, children’s parties, family events, or any other event you wish to celebrate with your loved ones!

There is a magical place near Riga where you can spend the most beautiful moments of your life! By choosing Svētku pils as the place for your celebration, you will have access to the entire guest house complex – a celebration hall, a garden, rooms for you and up to 64 guests, a parking area, a sauna and a refreshing swimming place on the bank of the River Daugava.

We will provide everything for the venue, guest accommodation and catering if needed so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can invite other personnel as you wish – decorators, organisers, event hosts, musicians, and other personnel involved in the activities.

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Why celebrate with us?

  • By choosing Svētku pils, you choose not only a place for the event but also a place that will be available just for you, where no one will disturb you enjoying your event in a private atmosphere!
  • Our event organiser will help you to plan your event, starting from the daily schedule up to the allocation of guest rooms, food, drinks and other details.
  • Our waiters will take care of you and your guests, ensuring that everything is at the highest level.
  • Svētku pils has 12 rooms for up to 64 guests.
  • The guest house has parking, a sound system, a room for musicians, bright and modern venues and everything you need for your celebration.
  • We have a wide range of services that you can use for your celebration without worrying about the quality and course of the event.



The rental price of Svētku pils includes:

  • Guest house with facilities and equipment for your event
  • Outdoor area, parking, and garden where you can capture the most beautiful moments in photos
  • Overnight accommodation in Svētku pils rooms for up to 64 guests
  • Sauna for the next day
  • Food cooked on-site and hospitality
  • Event organiser’s support in celebration planning
  • Standard rental time from 16:00 until 12:00 the next day. The coastal area with sauna is available until 14:00 the next day

*It is also possible to rent Svētku pils without overnight accommodation

In winter and spring:

  • January – April from Friday to Saturday: EUR 2100
  • January – April from Sunday to Thursday: EUR 1400
  • May – from Friday to Saturday: EUR 2800
  • May – from Sunday to Thursday: EUR 1400

In summer:

  • June – September from Friday to Saturday: EUR 4400
  • June – from Sunday to Thursday: EUR 2100
  • July – August from Sunday to Thursday: EUR 3700

In autumn:

  • September – from Friday to Saturday: EUR 4400
  • September – from Sunday to Thursday: EUR 2100
  • October – November from Friday to Saturday: EUR 2100
  • October – November from Sunday to Thursday: EUR 1400

We will always be happy to receive your message to make an accurate offer taking your desired date and other wishes into account!

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Celebration hall and venues

On the first floor of Svētku pils, there are two halls and a lounge in light colours, which you can decorate as you wish. The dance hall is a suitable place for various activities, fun and dancing until dawn! Svētku pils also has a bar which gathers guests for refreshing drinks. You will be able to place decorations and photo areas as you wish!

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Food cooked on-site

Ingus Zandbergs, the chef of Svētku pils, who has been with us since the palace was founded, will make sure that the guests are fed and satisfied, as food is a very important part of any event. Ingus has worked in Latvia’s best restaurants and banquets for more than 20 years and will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds by ensuring high-quality food and its visual presentation.

Our goal is to serve festive dishes in such a way that keeps the traditional and classic values on your tables. We pamper our guests with our own smoked meat selection and fish.

Hospitality on the event day

Our waiters are the soul of Svētku pils events. The head waiter is the one who spends the event day with the guests and makes sure that everything goes according to plan, communicates with the event host, musicians, and organisers, and takes care of the guests, while keeping their finger on the pulse so that every dish is served on time. Our bartender will help you put together the perfect drink menu, suitable for all tastes.

Overnight accommodation at Svētku pils

We have made sure that you don’t have to worry about accommodating your guests on your important day. The guest house has 12 rooms, the interior of which is inspired by the four elements of nature. The rooms can accommodate up to 64 guests who wish to spend their time with their loved ones for as long as possible.

After the event, your guests do not have to rush home, as you can celebrate until sunrise. The next day you can take you time and enjoy the morning and the picturesque landscape, visit our sauna or get refreshed in the swimming pool.

Sauna and outdoor recreation

After the celebrations and non-stop dancing, the next morning promises to be peaceful and casual. The price for Svētku pils rental also includes a sauna, so you can relax and take a refreshing morning swim. Until 14:00 you will be able to say goodbye to your last guests in a peaceful atmosphere.

What do guests say about us?

Check out some of our customer reviews!

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A wedding is one of the most beautiful days of your life, when two hearts and souls are joined together to walk the path of life together. This day is magical and significant in every couple's life. Svētku Pils is a venue designed especially for weddings, to help you experience the day in all its glory and to take care of you and your guests

"Thank you for your care, for your individual approach, for your consideration and solutions to all our wishes for our wedding day. Thank you to the waiters and the bartender for their wonderful work, attitude and commitment, and thank you to the chefs for the delicious dishes. Thank you and assistant Marta. We always hear the best feedback from guests about the beautiful, well-kept premises, the wonderful grounds, the heavenly food and the lovely staff.

A place to come back to!"

"Everything was more than perfect... Everything was brilliant... Everyone was absolutely delighted with the place, the food, the staff!
You're great... We really have nothing to recommend as everything was top notch! Thank you so much for everything! Thank you also for the beautiful gift! You are the best!!!!"

"A wonderful place, everything has been thought of down to the last detail!
We chose the Celebration Palace as the venue for our wedding.
The staff are true professionals in their fields - they will help you fulfil all your wishes, and are always smiling and helpful.
The venue, the decorations, the food and the staff - everything is top-notch. We definitely recommend it!"

"I would like to thank you very much for your cooperation. Everything went really perfectly and we are more than satisfied with the service provided by the staff at Svētku pils and the quality of the catering.

Indeed, we chose the best place in Latvia to celebrate our Wedding."

"Words cannot express how beautiful our wedding day was. From the first day we arrived to see this beautiful place on the Daugava to our main day, we were impressed by the attention, professionalism and attitude of the staff. Thank you, especially to Līva, for letting me forget everything and experience this day to the full. Thank you for this wonderful day, which will surely remain in our memories for the rest of our lives!"

"We would like to sincerely thank your team for all their hard work and for creating a great festive atmosphere on such a special day! Everything was exactly as we had planned - delicious food, fine approach from the waiters, responsive staff and the overall atmosphere was magical. Thank you all, special thanks to Marta and Liva for their responsiveness and consideration, to Ainis for his professionalism in his field and to others who took part in the organisation of our festival! Have a productive and joyful festive season!"

"We would like to say a big thank you! You are the best ❤

Everything was perfect, the venue, you and your team ❤

Our guests were delighted 😍

Thank you for helping to organise our day ❤"

"Hello! Thank you very, very much for everything you did to make our day so special! 🙂 Everything was perfect!"

"Thank you very much again for all your hard work and beauty that made our day truly unforgettable for us and our guests!"

"I wanted to say a big thank you for all the time and hard work put in by the whole team at Svētku pils to make our big day a real success. The location is excellent, the food fantastic and the staff so professional.
Everything was even better than expected. :)"

"Thanks to "Virs mākoņiem", who made our first dance look like a fairy tale!

And of course to Svētku pils - there are no words to thank you for your excellent work, great organisation, wonderful service from the first to the last guest!

You are fantastic!

The venue where the bride turns into a princess!"

"It's been a little over 3 months, but I've been looking forward to this moment - to email when the wedding photos are ready.

We are extremely grateful for the hard work, positive attitude and atmosphere of the entire staff.
I hope you looked in the cameras a moment after midnight when the father-in-law dropped the slip at the bar and there was a round of applause in honour of the Palace and everyone who took part in our special day. No job is too small and every job is important, so we say THANK YOU to everyone!

Here's to a busy wedding schedule!"

"We would like to thank you for making our day of celebration, which flew by in the blink of an eye, so that we had nothing to think about and could trust you completely and enjoy the festivities.
We and our guests were impressed by the delicious food, the excellent cocktails of the bartender, the lovely service and the wonderful surroundings of Svētku pils!
We received a lot of positive feedback from guests that everything was of a high standard.


We just want to say a big thank you to you and all of the team!! It was absolutely amazing, everybody loved the venue, the food, everything was just perfect 🥰

The service you guys provide we couldn't of asked for anything better.

Thank you very much 😊"

"Thank you, everything was very good. Guests also loved it, calling it the most beautiful wedding they've ever been to and asking for advice and feedback because they want to organise something similar, but I doubt they'll ever be able to do it. :)))

I have no doubt that we will use Svētku pils for another event, or at least participate in it! 🙂"

"Thank you so much for everything!

And a big thank you to the whole team at the Celebration Palace who made the day unforgettable.

All guests were delighted with the venue, the food and the service. We do not regret for a moment that we chose Svētku pils for this special day.

Thanks also for the photos from the photo box :)"

"Hello Tina! Thank you a lot for your brilliant service. We couldn't imagine a better place to have our wedding! All was just perfect 🥰.

Papildinājums no 29.07.2023: Hey Tina! ❤️ Huge thank you for all your hard work and all Svetku pils team for making our day so special. Truly professional team. Everything was just perfect 🥰"

"Everything was thought through, down to the smallest detail! Lovely location, service, staff. And very tasty! Arī visi jūsu ieteikumi un padomi izrādījās ļoti lietderīgi. All your suggestions and advice have also been very useful.

We very much hope to return to you as a guest one day. Thank you personally and all your team!!!"

"Now that the buzz and emotions of the wedding day have died down a bit, I wanted to thank you for making my dream wedding venue a reality! Thank you very much for the beautiful venue, professional service and excellent menu!


We hear nothing but the best feedback from our guests! May your future be as successful and full of moments of happiness!"


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