Vieta skaistām atmiņām Daugavas krastā

The premises of the Celebration Palace will be an excellent choice for seminars, banquets, presentations and other corporate events. There are two halls, unconventional place for meetings on the roof, and the hotel rooms where you can stay overnight, and a vast area where you may make events for corporate team-building and recreation.

Participants of the events will appreciate not only the free undisturbed atmosphere but also the proximity to Riga, which is a great chance to save some time and promptly return to the office, if necessary.

Celebration hall

A banquet hall in light shades and equipped with lighting that can be changed according to the colour solution and the style of the particular wedding. The hall can hold up to 70 people, and the table setting is customizable to accommodate a smaller number of guests as well. Moreover we can offer a special table for the newlyweds, their groomsmen and bridesmaids. This hall can be used together with the ante-rom offering a bar and a candle fireplace. The area of the hall for celebrations is 105 m2, the ante-room – 80 m2

Dancing hall

Dancing hall is the second hall in the Celebration Palace. Its parquet area is 85 m2. It can be used for the first waltz of the newlyweds, for dancing, musicians and festive surprises of various kinds as you can get there without anyone noticing.

Outdoor terrace

The outdoor terrace is connected to both banquet halls. You can use it to enjoy the beauty of the summer night or have your morning full-flavoured coffee there. The terrace can be used as an extension to the celebration hall and as a relaxation place for leisurely conversations.

The roof terrace is a very special area with a round room that may be customized according to the concept of any event. It may become a very special place for photo shoots, a romantic house for the newlyweds, the bride’s boudoir or a wine hall – let your imagination run wild!

Overnight accommodation

The Celebration Palace has 12 rooms where we can place the beds for 48 wedding guests, besides, there is room for mattresses, and three camping cabins by the River Daugava. In total, we can offer accommodation for up to 60 guests. The interior design of the rooms was inspired by the four elements and their colour nuances.

Bath-house and the river Daugava

The recreation area 4 Saules (4 Suns) is a vast area by the River Daugava that can be used for different activities during the wedding reception. Moreover, on the next day, we invite you to use any of our bath-houses to extend the morning of the second day and spend it in a calm atmosphere outside.

We offer boats, children’s playground, grill accessories and garden furniture for picnics.

Easy to reach and conveniently located

The Celebration Palace is located near Ķekava – just a 15-minute drive away from the centre of Riga. You can also use public transport to get here.

More options

You may have your wedding ceremony in the garden of the Celebration Palace. Right across the river there is the Island Doles Sala with the Museum of the River Daugava. It takes 10 minutes to get there by boat – this is a perfect setting for lovely photos. Nearby, there is a horse stud farm Dārziņi. On top of that, you can use boats, volleyball court and picnic areas.

Book the place for your wedding day

Book the premises for your wedding or check the availability of the guesthouse.