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May your dream of the most beautiful day of your life come true!

Guest house Svētku pils is located on the banks of the Daugava with a scenic view of Dole Manor park, which will make your wedding unforgettable. Being here it is difficult to grasp that a wedding venue is located just 20 minutes from the center of Rīga. Svētku pils combines the beauty of nature with today’s amenities so that the newlyweds can feel at home here with 40 to 90 guests.

This is a wedding venue to fulfil your dreams of the most beautiful day of your life. Time stands still to remain forever in your memories. The guest house is enhanced by a spacious banquet hall and dance hall with contemporary lighting and sound equipment, comfortable guest rooms, lovely scenery and the presence of a majestic river – it is no wonder it is called Svētku pils.

Here, every wedding – large or small – acquires a special aura. Our elegant Svētku pils will turn your wedding celebration into a beautiful love story.
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The banquet hall is light in color and has changeable lighting options in order to adapt the hall to the color theme and ambience the newlyweds desire. The hall has a capacity of up to 100 people, tables and room structural elements can be adapted to smaller groups as well. We also have a special newlywed table. A small wedding party will also feel romantically at home here. Traditionally a generous banquet is presented in this hall. The hall is offered together with a lobby area where the bar and candle fireplace are located. The banquet hall measures 105 m², the lobby area is 80 m².
wedding venue dance floor


A wedding venue is hard to imagine without music and dancing. The dance hall is the second hall at Svētku pils with a parquet floor which is possible to use for the first waltz, for a photo corner, the site of the wedding ceremony or any number of surprises, since it is possible to enter the hall without being noticed. The hall makes use of contemporary lighting which allows the hall to be coordinated with any celebration theme. Music equipment is available on site. The dance hall is the place to spend your celebration enjoying dancing and other activities till early morning. The dance hall measures 85 m².
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The outdoor terrace is connected to both Svētku pils halls. Enjoy magical summer evenings and morning coffee there. The terrace can be used for quiet unrushed conversation or as a spot to wait for the newlyweds to arrive. The rooftop terrace also has a maisonette that can be used for any wishes the newlyweds may have – wedding rituals, a photo area, the bride’s boudoir or a wine room – allow your fantasy to fly free...
ACCOMMODATION wedding venue


It is important that guests feel especially comfortable at a wedding and that they are offered a place to spend the night. Svētku pils guest house has 12 rooms with bed accommodation for up to 54 guests. There are four additional beds available as well as accommodation for 6 people on mattresses. In total we can accommodate up to 64 guests. The four elements of nature set the color tones of the rooms. After the celebration there is no need to rush home – enjoy the morning taking in the breathtaking landscape, go for a swim or enjoy the sauna!
CATERING in wedding


Svētku pils offers dishes prepared by our chef and they are selected and tailored specifically for each event. These include welcome snacks, multi-course dinners, heavenly desserts and nourishing breakfasts. A wedding without excellent food is unimaginable. Our accent is on high quality food prepared on site and finding the perfect balance between sophistication, elegance, simplicity and excellent flavor.
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It is possible to have the wedding ceremony in the Svētku pils garden. You will never forget the wedding ceremony location, it will always be the place you said “yes” to each other forever. A wedding venue offering a wedding ceremony location on site lets your guests save driving time. An outdoor wedding ceremony on the banks of the Daugava will enhance the love you feel for each other. During the winter your unforgettable wedding ceremony can be organized in the parquet hall.
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The bride getting ready for her wedding is a process that is exciting and magical and is worth capturing in beautiful photos. Svētku pils offers the opportunity to have a photo session prior to the wedding ceremony either in one of the rooms or on the rooftop terrace. Dole Island with its Daugava Museum is located across from our guest house – it is only a 10 minute boat ride to this fantastic wedding photo venue. The horse farm “Dārziņi” is also nearby.
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The day after the celebration can be funfilled with various activities if the wedding venue offers a way to make this day last longer. Our guest house has a large territory on the Daugava with a sauna, swimming area, boats, a playground, grill and picnic tables. It is a wonderful opportunity to prolong the joys of your celebration outdoors, and enjoy lunch prepared on the grill by the Svētku pils chef.


Wedding venue Svētku pils is located near Ķekava – 20 minutes from the center of Rīga. It is also accessible by public transport. People living in Rīga often long for a beautiful peaceful outdoor venue, but they do not always have the time nor the means to fulfil this dream. The location of Svētku pils is the perfect solution for those pressed for time!

After a trip to Svētku pils and a taste of our peaceful atmosphere you will find it hard to believe that the capital is so close!


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