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Svētku pils is a guest house that considers it very important that our guests always eat well at weddings, corporate parties as well as seminars. We are well aware that one of the secrets to a successful event is contented guests who have had a scrumptious meal.

Chef Ingus Zandbergs is in charge of the kitchen at Svētku pils. Ingus Zandbergs has many years of experience in Latvia’s best restaurants and banquet halls and he now takes care of Svētku pils guests. Our emphasis is on high quality food prepared on site and finding the best combination of sophistication and elegance, simplicity and flavor.

We pamper our guests with home smoked meat and fish. We also welcome our guests to experience the behind the scenes world of the art of culinary mastery in our chef’s master classes.

Weddings and celebrations

Weddings, celebrations and banquets are special occasions to be entrusted to a professional event organizer to see to the food, dishes, tablecloths and professional service so that everything is of the highest quality and execution. We have developed several menus that can be adapted for your needs and desires.
catering Master classes

Master classes

We organize a dinner master class with our chef which is a great way to supplement a seminar with an event in which you can combine dinner with food preparation tips from our chefs.
catering in seminars


We have several menus for seminars and conferences – coffee breaks, lunch and dinner. We can also adapt the catering to the theme and demands of your event.
Degustācijas un meisterklases ar šefpavāru


During the winter season we offer tastings to clients who have reserved Svētku pils for weddings or other events. The purpose of the tastings is to acquaint the newlyweds with our kitchen, flavors, serving style, and dishes to allow them to enjoy an evening as a guest. For more details about dates please contact the Svētku pils project coordinator Līva Indriksone – [email protected]


Svētku pils offers foods prepared by our chef. He adapts the selection to each individual event, whether it is welcome appetizers, multi-course dinners, heavenly desserts or nutritious breakfasts – everything is discussed with the chef down to the smallest details.


Wedding menus

Breakfast menu
12 EUR per person
Kafijas pauzes semināri
57 EUR per person
Pusdienu ēdienkarte semināriem
65 EUR per person
Vakariņu ēdienkarte semināriem
54 EUR per person
Vakariņu ēdienkarte semināriem


Coffee breaks
Kafijas pauzes semināri
Lunch menu
Pusdienu ēdienkarte semināriem
Dinner menu
Vakariņu ēdienkarte semināriem


Svētku pils is located near Ķekava – 20 minutes from the center of Rīga. We are also accessible by public transport. People living in Rīga often long for the peace and quiet offered by a beautiful outdoor venue. Unfortunately, there is not always enough time to travel, thus, Svētku pils is the perfect solution for busy people.

Being at Svētku pils you will find it hard to believe that the center of Rīga is just minutes away!


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