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When planning a banquet, three questions must be answered – how many people is the banquet planned for? What atmosphere to you desire to share with your guests? Do you require catering at your banquet? Svētku pils will be perfect for your banquet if it is planned for 20-100 guests, if you want to share a unique atmosphere with your guests along with excellent food and service.

Banquet halls

The first floor of Svētku pils consists of three zones – the banquet or celebration hall, the parquet or dance hall and a lobby area with a bar. The total area is 270 m². During the event all three areas are at the disposal of the guests and we individualize the arrangement so that small groups of 20 people feel just as comfortable as groups of a larger number of people.
Banquet equipment

Banquet equipment

Svētku pils provides everything necessary to organize a banquet – round and rectangular tables, two types of chairs, technical equipment – projector, screen – and a built-in sound system. We have also given thought to the visual aspects of banquet events; we provide table accessories such as candle holders, flowers and cloth napkins in several colors. The Svētku pils project coordinator provides support and consultations down to the smallest detail so that your event is exactly as you had hoped.
Banquet menus

Banquet menus

Svētku pils is a guest house with its own kitchen and chef’s team so that we can offer our guests high quality freshly prepared food. Food is one of the most important parts of a successful banquet. We have carefully developed our catering program along with menus offering a combination of contemporary tendencies and traditional values. We are always open to various gastronomic challenges and offer special menus for your event with a legend and special presentation.
Apkalpošana banketos


The wait staff and bartenders are the ones who communicate with our guests during the event, they wait on tables and are very knowledgable about the menu and beverage selections. Svētku pils pays maximum attention to professionalism and the atmosphere of the event selecting appropriate waiters and bartenders for your event.


Banquets at Svētku pils can be organized for several hours or until the early morning hours. We offer our guests to spend the night in designer rooms and enjoy breakfast and morning coffee at our guest house. There are 12 rooms available with varying capacity.


REACH US QUICKLY AND EASILY Svētku pils is located near Ķekava – 20 minutes from the center of Rīga. We are also accessible by public transport. People living in Rīga often long for the peace and quiet offered by a beautiful outdoor venue. Unfortunately, there is not always enough time to travel, thus, Svētku pils is the perfect solution for busy people.

Being at Svētku pils you will find it hard to believe that the center of Rīga is just minutes away!


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