Outdoor recreation

Let the wind play with your hair and the sun make you smile

The Celebration Palace is located at the recreation area 4 Saules where our guests have a chance to relax in a bath-house, go for a boat-ride, make delicious grill dishes and spend the time together in the open enjoying the sun, warmth and the fragrances of summer.

Bath – house

Guests of the Celebration Palace may use three small bath-houses – two on the shore of the River Daugava and one – on the water. The bath-houses can be used during the event or in the next morning. This is a perfect way to supplement the events with relaxation or extend positive emotions for another day.

Boat and SUP boat rentals

Our guests may use two SUP boards and three boats for a romantic getaway on the River Daugava – in search of an Isle of Love or Dole Manor. On top of that you can also go fishing!

Volleyball court

For sports lovers we offer a vast green area perfect for different games and events. There is also a volleyball court at your disposal.

Children’s playground

Children are always welcome to our recreation area and the guesthouse. There is a well-equipped playground, and kids under six years of age may play on the inflatable attraction.


The guests have the grill and its accessories, picnic areas and electricity in the green area.

Easy access and convenient location

The Celebration Palace is located near Ķekava – just a 15-minute drive away from the centre of Riga. You can also use public transport to get here.

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