Place for celebration

Any anniversary may become very special if you are in the right frame of mind

Your friends and a lovely scenery – this is all it takes for an excellent celebration. Depending on the scope of the event you may book the entire Celebration Palace, a separate hall or just one of the terraces or bath-houses by the River Daugava. In any case, it will be a wonderful place to celebrate life and make your dreams come true!


Any celebration – anniversary, birthday or another day important to you is a good occasion for a party. A good occasion to have a memorable time with your family and friends. You can use one or two banquet halls for your party

The bigger hall (120 m2) has an ante-room with a bar, a fire-place and candles. The smaller hall (85 m2) is conveniently separated from the other premises of the Celebration Palace making it possible to create cosy and private setting. The lighting in each of the halls can be easily changed according to the frame of mind. Premises can be light and festive, bright and multi-coloured or dim for lively dancing.

Children party

Children’s parties are welcome to the Celebration Palace too! The event may take place in the premises of the guesthouse and outdoors. Bright decorations, inflatable attractions, games in the green area or in the swimming area – one way or another the kids will have fun!

Small events

For the event to be a success, you only need your nearest and dearest. Sunday through Thursday, you can book separate rooms at the Celebration Palace. We will make every hall comfortable for a relatively small group of people.

Аnd if your group is under 10 people, you may like the terrace room on the roof.

Overnight accomodation

The Celebration Palace has 12 rooms where 48 guests may spend the night with comfort. Besides, there is room for mattresses and three camping cabins by the River Daugava. All in all, we can provide accommodation for up to 60 guests. The interior design of the hotel rooms was inspired by the four elements. Guess the element that inspired the design of your room!

Bath – house

On the shore of the River Daugava you will find bath-houses– two ordinary ones and the third floating on water. Each of them is also a camping cabin. They are great for small groups and romantic couples. On top of that, we can offer boat and sup board rentals, a volleyball court and picnic areas.

Easy access and convenient location

The Celebration Palace is located near Ķekava – just a 15-minute drive away from the centre of Riga. You can also use public transport to get here.

Make a reservation for your celebration

Book the premises for your celebration or check the availability of the guest house