A winter wedding? Excellent!

A winter wedding? Excellent!

Late spring and summer is usually referred to as the wedding season that is when most young people rush to get married, surrounded by greenery and flowers, because wedding parties have always preferred warm weather to exchange vows in the garden or even in a meadow and often the reception is also moved out doors.

However, winter weddings have certain advantages as well. Therefore, if you do not want to wait for nature to awaken or for your hoped for venue to free up during the busy wedding season, we invite you to seriously consider winter.

We, the Svētku pils team, can affirm that, based on our experience, it is possible to transform a wedding in the dark time of year into a beautiful wonder filled event; we would like to share with you what you will gain by celebrating your wedding in one of the winter months.

Since winter is not the wedding season, you will save money. The offers at guest houses are bound to be quite a bit more friendly than if you were competing with ten other couples. The same is true of musicians and event hosts. January, February and March are usually the so-called “empty” months in the world of events and celebrations (except for Valentine’s Day), thus prices tend to be different than in the busy months. You should remember that the quality of service will be the same as it is in the hot season, but the cost will be lower. I must admit, however, that the second half of November and the entire month of December are a different story, because during this time both musicians and event hosts are very much in demand for corporative Christmas events and guest houses are very much in demand as well. During this period it will probably not be able to save on anything.

You will not have to really worry about the weather. How is that? You ask. It tends to snow in the winter, blizzards are possible, thaws are likely, but you will not have to worry because celebrations always take place indoors in the winter. You will not have to fear cold spells or unexpected rain showers as you would if planning a wedding outdoors. You will not need a plan B – you can concentrate on a beautiful warm wedding under the roof. Moreover, the Botanical Gardens with their exotic aura are a perfect place for a wedding photo session on your way to your wedding celebration.

If you choose to have your wedding in the winter, it can be much more romantic than a summer wedding. It gets dark much earlier, the wedding venue can be decorated with lights and candles for a special festive feel...it is rarely to do this effectively in the summer.

And one more reason – everyone will attend your wedding! In the summer it is possible that some of your guests have vacation or travel plans and some may have to choose between several weddings on the same day. In winter everyone will welcome a great celebration!

If you have any questions about winter weddings, please do not hesitate to ask. Guest house Svētku pils is ready to welcome guests throughout the year.

Wedding 1  photo E. Freimanis