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Guest house



In a picturesque spot on the Daugava – just a stone’s throw from Rīga – a beautiful guest house comes into view. It is adorned by spacious banquet and dance halls, comfortable guest rooms, gentle scenery and a majestic river – it is no wonder it is called Svētku pils!

Guest house Svētku pils is a specially created venue for events, celebrations and weddings, where every detail and nuance has been carefully considered to make each and every guest feel special and each and every event is of the highest quality and organized with the utmost attention to detail.


This is the place where every celebration, big or small, gets a very special atmosphere. You are welcome to make your holiday unforgettable!
guest house


Banquet hall, dancing hall, rooms, a romantic house high on the terrace and a spacious area for the wedding ceremony – as far as the eye can see, there is unique beauty everywhere! The Celebration Palace is perfect for wedding.
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guest house for seminars


Two halls, a meeting room on the roof, overnight accommodations, equipment for presentations and brainstorming sessions. All of this is just a l5-minute drive away from the centre of Riga.
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guest house for celebration and wedding


As the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” Birthdays, name days, wedding anniversaries and other festive occasions deserve a celebration with zest. The same goes for the children’s birthday parties! In the Celebration Palace, you will find rooms of appropriate size for any festive occasion – big or small.
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It is only logical that this place can offer outdoor recreation too. Next to the Celebration Palace you will find a swimming spot, two saunas in the camping cabins and yet another – a floating sauna (which, for the record, is also a camping cabin). Moreover – you will find picturesque views of the River Daugava by taking a boat.
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Guest houses, restaurants, hotels, landscapes and saunas are an integral part of holidays and relaxation. That is why we have combined all these elements in one venue – Svētku pils – characterized by elegance, modernity, privacy, beautiful scenery on the banks of the Daugava along with an excellent kitchen overseen by our guest house chef and his excellent team. They carefully consider the menu and special selections to fit with the theme of the event. They are able to satisfy both demanding fans of contemporary tastes as well as guests attending weddings to partake in classic ambience.
Guest houses are an appropriate solution for those guests seeking an atmosphere of privacy with the entire territory available for a single event, thus guaranteeing a special ambience for their occasion. At Svētku pils we offer 12 rooms. For larger family events our guest house can accommodate up to 64 guests. For corporative events we offer 42 separate beds.

Spacious rooms

Up to 90 guests will feel at home at Svētku pils. Seating is available at round tables or any arrangement of rectangular tables with plenty of room for dancing and other activities. The outdoor terrace lets you enjoy your morning coffee along with a spectacular view of the Daugava.

Easy to reach

Guest house Svētku pils is located near Ķekava, just a 20 minute drive from the center of Rīga and 35 minutes from the airport. We can be reached by various routes – by land, by air or by motorboat, since we are right on the banks of the Daugava.

customer reviews

Now that the excitement and emotions of our wedding day have calmed down a bit, I wanted to thank you for creating the wedding venue of our dreams! Many thanks for the beautiful facility, professional service and excellent menu! We hear nothing but the best comments from our guests! May all your future events be every bit as successful and filled with countless moments of happiness!
Everything had been considered down to the smallest detail! A beautiful venue, service and staff. And everything was delicious! All of your suggestions and advice were very useful. Our guests were delighted as well. We hope to visit you again as guests. We thank you personally along with your entire team!
Quite some time has passed since our wedding at Svētku pils, but we still keep reliving our memories of the fabulous time we spent there. We could not want a better 3 – day wedding,
everything was ideal – the food, the service, the rooms, and filling all of our special requests.

We are indescribably grateful!
Thank you so much for the pleasant collaboration, we truly enjoyed everything, thank you to the chef and the staff, everything was of the highest quality, we hear nothing but the best comments from our guests, a beautiful venue, comfortable beds, cozy rooms, delicious food, everything was excellent!